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Locked Away!

Posted on June 14, 2019

Locked Away

Good afternoon readers! Its Friday, which means the weekend is here – yay! I am particularly excited because it means one less weekend before I fly to sunny Tenerife – ahhhh. Are you going anywhere?  I am super thrilled. However, this does mean that Operation Holiday is GO.

I haven’t been able to wear any of my clothes because they are already washed, ironed and folded neatly into my Dakota Light Large Sideboard in a Light Dakota setting. I can’t even remember what it looks like; I haven’t been near it in that long.

My sister has her very own Cube Honey Small Open Dresser and I think her drawers are actually locked shut so that she cannot wear any of her “best clothes”. Can you imagine that? I can’t. I actually have the luxury of being able to go into the family Sideboards and cupboards.

My mother is the evil force behind these prison sentences, and has even turned her Vintage Mango Sideboard to face the wall so she can’t get into them. This has really surprised me because she loves that classic feel of the Dark Mango Wood Sideboards! We have all been wearing clothes that are 5 years old, a little bit tight of the stomach and with a few rips here and there. I wonder what will happen if anybody does wear their “holiday” clothes…

Anyway reader, I have a plan. I have a Natural Small Jali Sideboard in my attic that me and my father moved up there. Nobody goes there, especially not my mother as she is scared of the spiders that lurk there. I have transported a select few items to hide in the Indian design cabinet, and whenever I need to go out and be seen by the public, I can quickly slip them on. Let’s just hope I don’t actually need them for my holiday…

That’s been today’s blog ready, now I am going to go and plan the rest of my holiday – wish me luck!