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No Need to Be Flashy

Posted on September 27, 2017

No Need To Be Flashy

In pop culture folklore, the world of music has one instrument that symbolises the passion and flair of music – the guitar.

There have been so many discussions, lists and general conversation about who is the greatest guitarist of all time. Yet you very rarely hear any discussion about who is the greatest violin, clarinet of piano player.

Perhaps it’s because these instrumentalists are very rarely in the public eye, and therefore are looked at less common. This is despite the fact that they are also instruments that can and do create wonderful and emotive sounds and music.

It just proves that even though it’s not as flashy as an 8 minuet guitar solo, the core elements are still there.

The reason for this is because we feel that the common Solid Wood Sideboard reflects this principle.

See unlike its contemporary in the furniture world, from lavish bookcases to awe inspiring bookcases, the simple Jali Sideboard is designed only with functionality in mind; very rarely with any panache.

Yet despite being one of the least flashy Solid Wood features, the simple Mango Sideboard is an irreplaceable feature in any modern home design.

This is because thanks to a focus on functionality over flair, our collection of Indian Wood Sideboards can house a variety of home essentials and accessories. This can range from stationary to glassware, ornaments, books, towels, clothes and many more limitless possibilities.

Another way of describing a Dakota Sideboard would be to think of it as a common Rucksack. Bulky, often simply designed and with a clear focus on functionality over fashion. Yet this is something you can always depend on and is always reliable, unlike a Prada bag which may very well be stylish and look great, but is often lacking in functionality.

And this is the wonderful thing about our collection of Solid Wood Sideboards, that each one is designed with an unflinching commitment to creating functional and always reliable storage for your living room, bedroom or home study.