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No Space, What a Waste!

Posted on December 13, 2016

Hello readers, this week’s blog will be discussing a topic that we are all too aware of in our homes, the constant need for more storage space.

This is particularly evident around Christmas time as we receive gifts from far and wide, which one the happiness of receiving a lovely new present  then comes the thought of where on earth is this going to go.

Taking an example which I can certainly relate to, is the ever present need for DVD and CD storage. Even though streaming and online media are now ever present the special feeling that comes with putting a DVD or Blu-Ray and sitting back with a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table never gets old.

The unfortunate thing is that despite the special feeling that moments like this provide the fact of the matter is that this is physical media, which will take up a lot of space around the home.

Now no one likes a cluttered up home, however what would be the best option for providing sufficient long term storage with a one-time investment.

The answer is quite simple really, Indian Sideboards.

Yes this seems quite convenient that we being retailers of Solid Wood Sideboards would suggest buying one for your home, however in being so close to wonderful items such as the Jali Sideboard.

For one Sideboards are available in a wide variety of specifications that would be useful for multiple rooms around the home from the living room, through to the study, with many of our own Solid Wood Sideboards being available with 2 drawer, 3 drawer specifications as well as variations of cabinets including 2 door and 3 door variants which is more than enough to store all of your favourite films safely and well protected.

In addition this the natural flair of Solid Wood Furniture means there are a variety of designs to suit your taste from the homely Dakota, the modernist Cube or the evocative Jali Sideboard.