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Protecting your Investment

Posted on October 24, 2017

Protecting Your Investment

Being a collector is one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the world, as it’s a great way of expressing your own personality and individuality.

After all you can collect anything, from stamps to early computers, historical memorabilia and in my case classic video game consoles and games.

Whatever you decide to collect, before long you will find yourself being a full on hobbyist and with that will come the issue of cost. Now for those of us who are dedicated enough the initial cost will not be the issue; the issue will be when it comes to taking care of your new investment.

After all if I were for instance purchase a copy of Radiant Silvergun (which can cost upwards of £300) then I would really like somewhere to keep it safe and out of harm’s way.

Thank fully we have a vast range of Solid Wood Sideboards available for just such a task. The great thing about sideboards is that there are so many different styles and configurations available. This means you will find exactly what you need to suit your needs.

In my example I would go with the small Mango Sideboard, as this provides a roomy cabinet section along with 3 small drawers that are perfectly suited for those ever delicate CD cases.

However some may collect plates and glassware which you would want to show off to visitors, in this case the Dakota Sideboard would be the best bet. This is because each unit comes with 2 well sized cabinets, with 3 central drawers perfect for housing fragile items within a sturdy Mango Wood frame. However each unit also comes with a roomy surface top for displays.

Almost anything can be protected within our tried and true collection of Solid Wood Sideboards, with a seemingly endless list of potential storage options available perfect for protecting your collection, making a Natural Wood Sideboard itself a  solid investment.