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Rosko The Puppy!

Posted on July 31, 2019


Good Afternoon everyone and I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday as much as I am. Today I want to tell you all about the traumatic events which unfolded this previous weekend that made a certain animal very scared of Sideboards.

A family member of mine has recently considered adopting a dog, so when she saw the deep hazel eyes glistening through the tinted glass at the animal shelter, she knew that “Rosko” was hers to keep.  Back at home, his furry white paws padded cautiously onto the sleek Solid Wood flooring, carefully brushing past the piles of freshly folded clothes and the tall scented candles atop the Large Sheesham Sideboard.

With ears twitching, Rosko swivelled his round eyes, scanning the front room with a bewilderness of any innocent child.

His tiny whiskers quivered as the noise quietened… when suddenly the main door swung open, rattling inches from his orange patched face as it creaked to a standstill. Rosko leaped up from the floor, sliding on all fours across the wooden flooring until he crashed with a bang under the Large Recycled Retro Sideboard.

Within 4 large strides came Edith, the 6 year old next door neighbour who had heard the commotion and come to investigate. Edith’s Nostrils widened as if she was a wold searching for her pray. She searched low and high for this cuddly puppy, in the kitchen cupboard, the Dakota Slim Sideboard and even the laundry hamper. But to no avail! Rosko had disappeared – he wasn’t even under the sideboard which he had previously crashed under!

After a while, Edith left with her head hanging low, tears glistening within her blue eyes. Slowly but surely, we heard the tiny tapping of 6 week old paws kissing the floor, and after a few seconds Rosko’s fluffy head poked out from the Small Vintage Sideboard!

What a cheeky puppy, but luckily he didn’t harm any of the furniture, especially thanks to its Solid Wood nature. That’s all for today readers, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Goodbye!