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Simple Means, Effective Ends

Posted on March 14, 2017

Keep It Simple

Well good afternoon readers, it has been a busy day today here at Solid Wood Sideboards, lots of listings and sales from our collection of Mango Sideboards.

So in order to make things a bit more relaxing around the office we decided to put on the radio, and with yours truly being the self-appointed radio DJ, it was Absolute Radio 90s all the way.

So while it was playing away on the Dakota Sideboard (convenient we know), the Nirvana classic Lithium came on, a prime example of their signature sound, simple, quiet/loud/quiet dynamic, which got me thinking how music back then was so much better than today, where simple yet effective produced amazing and sometimes iconic results.

This is what got me thinking about our collection of Natural Sideboards and how despite the large and sometimes convoluted offering in the world of home storage, sometimes simple is the most effective means of home storage.

For instance if you’re looking to bolster your study’s storage potential, do you go with a lavish storage solution with 3 cabinets and any number of complex storage slots. Or do you look for one of our Mango 3 Drawer Sideboard, which offers a spacious cabinet with 3 handy drawers all in a sleek and easy to move frame, no fancy hidden storage compartments, just simple home storage.

This is because at some point more must mean bigger and better, however our collection of Solid Wood Sideboards have plenty of examples of superior home storage be it for the living room or dining room or more, with compact and simplistic layouts that offer unmatched storage potential.

The best thing about going simple however is the versatility it offers, look at the Jali Sideboard, which can be used for living room essentials such as Books, DVD’s, collectables and documents, as well as essentials for the bedroom and aforementioned study.

So next time you’re looking to bolster your home storage, think simple because the benefits may be amazing.