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Summer Loving!

Posted on May 14, 2019

Summer Loving

Good afternoon everyone. Today is Tuesday, and the sun is gloriously streaming all over England. Do you know what that means? Summer Loving!

Summer is full of lots of enjoyable opportunities, such as going on holiday, sunbathing and ice creams! But, as you probably know, Britain doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. For me, this means I have to cherish every single second in the sun; I love feeling the crisp heat warm my skin – especially through windows. Today I am sitting in my beautiful Sheesham lounge, cream curtains draping gracefully on the floor alongside my fluffy rug. I tell myself to be good, to get a cup of tea. But the suns shining – I should relax.

My Cuba Light Wine Rack smiles at me from the center of the peaceful room. 15 bottles of irresistible subtle wine sit gleefully inside the perfectly sized shelves. Every time it is sunny I find my fingers tracing all the delicate bottles, deciding whether I want elegant red or sophisticated white wine. I choose number 4, one of my personal Italian favorites, and swan over to my Light Jali Sideboard. Opening the cupboard, I take my favourite wine glass, with perfectly crafted leaves arching up the stem. Watching the refined deep nectar splash into the shimmering glass always makes me excited for summer and all the memories that await me. Do you have a favourite wine glass like me?

Finally, I place my wine down, and tiptoe over to my Retro Cabinet – my recent favourite buy. My polished magazines jump into my arms, and I can finally sink down into the sofa, reading about all the recent gossip. The patio doors are open, letting a small draft circle the tasteful lounge. My best-loved moment of the afternoon arrives: the moment when the sun shifts slightly and a golden warmth spreads across my face and all my furniture.

Anyway, as this blog comes to an end, I hope you all thrive in the sun and enjoy a beautiful drink or two in your sophisticated lounge.