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The 60’s

Posted on October 22, 2018

Colourful the 60s

Good Afternoon Readers, are you all well? I hope so. Out of my whole life this has been the most eventful for me. Bearing in mind I’m only 16 this has been the year where I have accomplished the most and where I have started to shape my future. What was the year that shaped a part of your life?

I think that many of the older generation would say the 60’s. I wish I would have been part of swinging sixties. I don’t know what about it but I just feel like the whole decade would have been an experience that most people will never have. To help me feel like I was somehow involved in this experience I have purchased the Large Recycled Retro Sideboard. As this piece is a hybrid of reclaimed Indian Sheesham Wood and solid Mango Wood the unique colour amplifies the charm of the 1960’s.

Sometimes it just makes you wonder what life was like in the past. It is really hard to imagine as most of the time all you have is anecdotes and television shows which are both manipulated the way that the teller wants. I know you may laugh at me but as a young child I was fairly dumb, I thought that before the introduction of colour televisions life was in black and white. Luckily I don’t think that now but it makes you think that you only know what you have been told as a child. Therefore you can easily be manipulated into believing anything from a young age. If my granddad hadn’t of told me or anyone then I would most likely still believe that now and isn’t that a scary thought, that from a young age if everybody around the child are saying lies then that lie would become truth in his/her head.

Anyway this blog got really dark and scary but the purpose of this was just to say how I wish that I had experienced the 60’s and that I believe that it was a great decade and that I’m doing my best now to try and be as much of a part of it as possible.