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The Alexa

Posted on March 7, 2018

The Amazon Alexa Echo 2nd Generation

Good afternoon readers, I hope everyone is doing well this morning. You may have noticed that, the weather has finally decided to start behaving again, which is great news. Anyway, onto to today’s topic all about the ever evolving technology

Now, recently I have come across a new gadget which has caught my eye and it is known as the  ‘Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation’ aka Alexa. Yesterday morning, I decided to invest in one of these gadgets, as the reviews on this product were outstanding to say the least.

Having Amazon Prime it meant the  purchase would be delivered quickly, meaning that Alexa could soon be stationed on Mango 3 Drawer Sideboard in my Bedroom. I must say, installing the device was fairly straight forward, just a simple turn ON function.

As I woke up this morning and got out of my Trade Furniture made bed, I asked Alexa to play me some classical music; well is there really any other type of music that’s better to listen to in the morning? By the way, this is only just one example of what it can do, I know amazing right?

Another prime example (Ignore the Amazon pun), would be asking Alexa to turn on your kettle, so that when you arrive downstairs it  will be brewed ready for you to have that warm drink, before heading to work. Doesn’t the thought of that make you feel relaxed?

When purchasing the new technology there was a variety of wood finishes, which meant it would fit in perfectly with my furniture. Ensuring that everything flows well within the house, means a lot to me, as I don’t like anything to be out of place.

Before this blog comes to an end, I would highly recommend trying this new technology out, it’s defiantly impressed me with what it can do.