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The Biggest Debate of Mankind.

Posted on November 16, 2018

Marvel DC

Hello readers of the Sideboards blog, today’s blog is going to be about one of the biggest debates in the history of mankind. This debate is whether you are a DC fan or a Marvel fan. Personally I am a Marvel fan, however my co-worker is a DC fan, and this leads to us having many debates in the office about which is the superior.

I am a fan of Marvel as it is more based around movies. They get high budget movies which always have the biggest actors and the best action scenes. Marvel is more based on the action which personally I enjoy more. Similarly this means that I enjoy the Dakota Light DVD Storage Cabinet as it efficient and gets the job whilst looking good at the same time.

However my co-worker is a fan of DC instead. I believe this is because he is more of a fan of the comics, DC go more in depth with the characters which is better for comics and series’ rather than movies. This reminds me of the Light Small Jali Sideboard as there is lots of small details which make this piece a great addition to any room.

However I am not saying that I am against DC and I hate everything that they do but, however I do like lots of the things that they produce. For example I am a big fan of Batman and my colleague is a big fan of the Avengers movies, which I think everyone is to be fair.

Anyway that has been todays Wooden Sideboards blog, I hope you have had a great time reading this just before the weekend arrives. Come back soon for the next blog and I hope you have a really great end of the day and a great weekend.