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The Day Before Halloween

Posted on October 30, 2018

Good morning readers, I hope you are having a great start to the day as it is the day before Halloween! In my opinion I think that the day before and especially the day after Halloween are the better days. This is because it’s the day when you buy all the sweets to give out for trick or treaters, and after you get them ready in a bowl and it would just be rude if you don’t take the odd few lollipops or sweets packets out of the bowl. Am I the only one who does this? As well as the day after you get to have all the leftover sweets. You always buy hundreds of sweets just to stop the feeling of ignoring the young trick or treaters as you have no sweets. However you never get as many people as you expect and every year the amount of people coming is getting less and less. A big reason for this is Stranger Danger as many people are now scared of going round to houses and to be honest they should be weary when going to houses as you do not know what could happen. Well anyway you have more sweets left than you expect so for the next few days you have to finish the bowl of sweets that you have got.

Apart from the sweets what is the point of Halloween? As you get older it just gets more pointless every year. That’s why every year we have a bottle of wine which is stored in the Cuba Light Wine Rack where I can store 14 other bottles as well as this one. It just makes it easier for me when I have a constant Stand up – Sit down routine all night long.

Anyway come back tomorrow for another daily blog and have a good Halloween eve.