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Vairables, Variables everywhere!

Posted on May 2, 2017

Vairables, Variables everywhere!

Do you remember when we lived in simpler times when the world sort of lived in black and white for a while, where you pretty much had either option A or option B.

For example in your Dakota Sideboard you would have found the Little Mermaid in either VHS or DVD format. However now you find it on Blu-Ray, digital download from any number of distributors as well as the pinnacle of home media – the Laserdisc.

Maybe I’m just being an old fart here or maybe by complaining ill somehow find where I’m going with this week’s Solid Wood Sideboards blog, but honestly I miss it when things were simple.

In fact I tell a lie, as yes there are many factors in life where I sit back and wish there weren’t so many variables, however in the world of Natural Wood Sideboards I for one am glad that there are so many variables.

This is because a Mango Wood Sideboards primary objective in its existence is to provide a significant boost to your homes storage potential.

Yet home storage is such a fickle thing, after all it’s completely individual to your home and your requirements.

This is why the variety and customisable nature of Natural Wood Sideboards is such a relief in a sense. Available in a number of configurations including 2 door units, to 3 drawer 3 cabinet sideboards and even though to stripped back approach of simple cabinet Sideboards, as well as a variety of designs including Jali Sheesham and Dakota Mango.

Because of this amount of versatility and design flexibility makes it so that you will find the right sideboard for your needs.

Looking for some extra DVD storage well one of the Dakota Sideboards will be just the right fit with its spacious cabinet area complete with built in shelving to keep your collection organised.

Perhaps it’s the study that needs some additional storage, then the Cube Sideboard with its modernist design and flexible 2 drawer/1 cabinet combination providing plenty of room for stationary and folders.